Mr.K.Deepak, is currently Assistant professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of G. Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool, he has about 3 years of experience in teaching and research. He has published several research papers in journals of both international and national repute.He holds M.Tech degree from VNR Engineering college JNTUK, Guntur in the field of Power Electronics and Drives..

S.No Name of Degree Branch/
Name of College Name of University Year of Passing
1 B.Tech EEE Praksam Engineering College JNTUK 2013
2 M.Tech PE&D VNR Engineering college JNTUK 2018
  1. Power Electronics
  2. Linear & Digital IC Applications
  3. Switching Theory and Logic Design
  4. Power semiconductor drives
  5. Electrical Machines-II
  6. Electrical circuits
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