A.Parvathi , is currently Assistant professor of Electronics & Communication Engineering of G.Pullaiah college of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool, she has about 10 years of experience in teaching . She has published research papers in journals of both international and national . She holds M.Tech degree from JNTUA, Anantapuram in the field of Electronics.

S.No Name of Degree Branch/
Name of College Name of Universiy Year of Passig
1 B.Tech ECE Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences ,Rajampet JNTUH 2005
2 M.Tech VLSI System Design Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajampet JNTUA 2011
  1. VLSI Design
  2. Computer Networks
  3. Analog Electronic Circuits
  4. Embedded Systems
  5. Switching Theory and Logic Design
  6. Communication Theory
  7. Telecommunication Switching Systems and Networks
  8. Advanced 3G and 4G Wireless Communications
  9. VLSI Design for fault testing
  10. Algorithms for VLSI
  • Parvathi, M.Riyaz Pasha, .K.Vinod Kumar” Design of Low Power Digital FIR Filter using low power multipliers and adders ” National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology , (RIET-2017), 15-16 Dec 2017
  • Vinod Kumar, A.Parvathi,.M.Riyaz Pasha” Design and Implementation of Crosstalk Elimination using Bit-Stuffing Algorithm.” National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology , (RIET-2017), 15-16 Dec 2017
  • Riyaz Pasha,.K.Vinod Kumar, A.Parvathi ” Power-Gated 9T SRAM Cell for Low-Energy Operation” National Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology , (RIET-2017), 15-16 Dec 2017
  • Suman, A.Parvathi “A Piecewise linear Companding Transform for PAPR suppression of OFDM signals with Companding Distortion Mitigation” International Journal of Computer Systems (ISSN: 2394-1065), Volume 03– Issue 07, July, 2016
  • Parvathi, Mohammed Anees “Realizations of Adaptive FIR Filter Based on Reusable DA ” ‘Global Journal of advanced Engineering Technologies’, GJAET, vol.6, Issue 4-2015 , ISSN: 2277-6370, pp.2394-0921.
  • Sumalatha, A.Parvathi “Implementation of High Performance MAC unit based on Multi operand Adders” International Journal for Computer Science Information and Technologies Engineering (IJCSIET), ISSN: 2277-4408, Vol-3, SERIES-1, Sep-2015.
  • Riyaz Pasha, A.Parvathi “An Energy Efficient Coverage Method for Clustered Sensor Networks ” IJAER Volume 6 Number (18) special issue ,PP 2481-2485.

National Conferences:

  • Parvathi, P.Syamala Devi “ Real Time Binary Shaping Matching System Based on FPGA”National Conference on Recent trends in ‘Electronics & Communication Engineering’, ELIXIR-2K10, SIET, Puttur, Chitoor, India, 08-09 December 2010.
  • Parvathi, “Performance Analysis of Multi User Detector for DS-CDMA” National Conference on “ Emerging Technologies & Tools in Mobile Phone Applications” conducted by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Hyderabad on 21 and 22 October 2011.