Governing Body

The Governing Body shall be the Principal Executive Body of the Institute and in addition to all powers vested in it, will have the following powers and the related responsibilities to:

  1. Manage and administer the revenues and properties of the Institute and to conduct all administrative affairs of the Institute
  2. Approve the institution to start new programmes of study leading to degree.
  3. Fix the fees and other charges payable by the students of the college on the recommendations of the Finance Committee
  4. Analyze the number of teaching and non-teaching posts required in every academic year along with deciding the number, qualifications as per the Guidelines of AICTE/ University Grants Commission
  5. Appoint the required number of Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and other academic posts as may be necessary on the recommendation of the Selection Committee along with identification of visiting faculty and adjunct faculty
  6. Lay down the duties and conditions of service of the Faculty and Staff maintained by the Institute, in consultation with the Academic Council.
  7. Regulate and enforce discipline among the employees of the Institute and to take appropriate disciplinary action, wherever necessary
  8. Entertain and adjudicate upon and, if thought fit, to redress any grievances of the employees and students of the Institute
  9. Establish the Institute Fellowships, Scholarships,Medals and Prizes in accordance with the guidelines of the Institute
  10. Discuss the recommendations on various issues given by Finance Committee, Academic Council and other committees and take necessary decisions for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Institute.
  11. The Governing Body shall be principal executive body of the Institute and shall have the powers to take all necessary decisions for the smooth and efficient functioning of the Institute.

The following members constitute the Governing Body of the College