AC 2017-2018

1 04-05-2018 one day Workshop on WordPress
2 03-04-2018 Mini Project Expo
3 20-03-2018 to 22-03-2018 Three Days Workshop On Progressive WebApps
4 20-01-2018 One Day workshop on Speed Math
5 23-08-2017 to 24-08-2017 Two Days workshop on Sales force cloud Computing
6 13-08-2017 Toast Masters Orator Champion CSE Student got 1st prize in Quiz held at Hyderabad
7 26-07-2017 to 23-08-2017 .Net Training Programme
8 17-10-2017 Technical Quiz for CSE Students
9 12-10-2017 to 13-10-2017 Two Day Workshop On R-Programming

AC 2016-2017

1 01-May-2017 to 06-May-2017  one week FDP on Real time embedded systems and IOT applications
2  03-Apr-2017  World’s biggest Hakothon-ISRO
3  15-Mar-2017  IEEE Semiar by Dr. Shankar
4  04-Mar-2017  IGNITE 2K17
5  28-Feb-2017  Toople Collaboration with APSSDC
6  29-Jan-2017  IOT Internship test
7  18-Jan-2017  Ethical Hacking
8  12-Dec-2016 to 17-Dec-2016  FDP on Problem Solving Skills and Algorithms
9  11-Dec-2016  Interaction with final year students
10  02-Dec-2016  Hebeon Technologies
11  23-Nov-2016  MTA Certificates Programme
12  29-Oct-2016  Workshop on XAMARIN Mobile Technology
13  21-Oct-2016  MTA Certificates Awarded Programme
14  16-Sep-2016  Internet of Things Certification Programme
15  22-Aug-2016  Presenting the working models by CSE students in Krishna Pushkaralu
16  29-July-2016  CSI Student Chapter Inauguration
17  06-June-2016  Inauguration on MTA Certification of Programme

AC 2014-2015

1  25-May-2015  APSDPS Planning
2  14-May-2015  Interaction with outside world – Texas Review
3  02-May-2015  Report on Parents Meet
4  23-Apr-2015  Webinar on Importance of Resumes
5  22-Apr-2015  Seminar on Post Engineering Scope
6  10-Apr-2015  C – WORKSHOP
7  26-Mar-2015  Workshop on C & Data Structures at JNTUA
8  07-Mar-2015  IGNITE 2K15
9  25-Feb-2015  Cultural  events – S TV local channel
10  21-Feb-2015  Webinar on Software Project Management
11  20-Feb-2015  MTA Training Program
12  10-Feb-2015  work shop on Rational Rose and Rational software Architecture
13  09-Feb-2015  WEBINAR on Data Structures
14  21-Jan-2015  Career planning in IT Industry
15  19-Jan-2015  DOT NET Training Program
16  26-Sep-2014  Faculty development program  by Mr.Sudhakara Murthy
17  18-Sep-2014  MINI Project Expo
18  13-Sep-2014  Seminar on “Career path”
19  14-Aug-2014  Health Club Activity
20  09-Aug-2014  CSI Student Chapter Annual Inauguration
21  28-Jul-2014  Formulation of R&D Initiatives for Engineering Faculty
22  24-Jul-2014  Microsoft Day
23  21-Jul-2014  Workshop On RUBIK CUBE
24  20-Jul-2014  Seminar on BIGDATA Analytics
25  13-Jul-2014  FDP on Android Technologies