M.Tech(Ph.D), MISTE

M.Janarhan, currently working as an Associate professor , CSE department at G.Pullaiah college of Engineering and Technology, Kurnool. He has 16 years of teaching experience in various Engineering colleges. He has published several research papers in journals of both international and national repute. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Andhra university , Vizag in the field of Adhoc Networks.

S.No Name of Degree Branch/
Name of College Name of University Year of Passing
1 B.Tech CSE Terna public charitable trust  college of Engineering and Technology Aurangabad University 2001
2 M.Tech SE Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research Bharath university 2005
3 Ph.D Adhoc Networks Andhra University Andhra University Pursing
  1. Cryptography and Network security
  2. DBMS
  3. Formal Languages and Automata theory
  4. Compiler design
  5. OOAD
  6. UNIX and shell programming
  7. Computer graphics
  8. C and Data structures
  • An Effective QoS based Route Optimization Model in MANET using Machine Learning Published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science Volume 4 | Issue 8 | Print ISSN: 2395-6011, June 2018.
  • Machine Learning Methods for Refining SLA Based Admission Control and Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 8, No. 9,ISSN No. 0976-5697, December 2017.
  • A Frame work for comparing AMRIS and ODMRP of Multicasting in Ad-Hoc Networks”Published in “International  Journal For Research In Technological Studies, Volume-5 Issue-8.