Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource Person
19th to 24th Dec 2016 Computational Tools for Electrical Systems Dr.MSyadulu NIT, Warangal, Dr.G.V.VenkataMarutheswar, SVU, Tirupati, Dr.P.SangameswaraRaju, SVU, Tirupati,
Dr.P.Sujatha, JNTUA Dr.R.Kiranmai, JNTUA, Dr.K.Venkata Reddy, JNTUK.
16th February, 2017 Advances in Power Systems and Protection Schemes Dr.K.Siva Kumar, NIT, Warangal,
Sri. A.Ramamohan Reddy, ADE, APGENCO, Srisailam.
14 Dec, 2016 Designing of Quadcopter Sri  Don DeoDus,  ROBOSAPIENS TECH.LTD
18 Feb, 2017 A one day workshop on Machine Modelling using MATLAB/SIMULINK Sri R.Sudharshan Reddy and Sri S.Karunakar
Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource person
1st and 2nd Dec 2015 Data Acquisition and Control System using LABVIEW SRI ARJUN MODI, TECHNICAL HEAD, ARMTRONICS, HYDERABAD
14th to 19th Dec 2015 Application of Optimization Techniques to Electrical Systems Dr.G.N.Srinivas, JNTUH,
Dr.Y.P.Obulesu, SVECW, Bhimavaram, Dr.V.Sankar, JNTUA,
Dr.Veera Reddy, SVU ,Tirupati,
Dr.N.Visali, JNTUP,
Dr.S.SivaNagaraju, JNTUK.
A two day workshop on Computer Aided Analysis of Power Converters
12.2.2016 A One Day Workshop on Integration of Power Electronic Converters with Renewable Sources Mr. KiranBabu, Associate Professor
KLU University.
Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource person
25th – 27th June, 2015 Simulation of Power Systems using MATLAB
Sri G.Panduranga Reddy ,
18th to 23rd August, 2014. Real Time Practices in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dr.D.M.Vinod Kumar, NIT, Warangal, Dr.M.Damodar Reddy, SVU, Tirupati, Dr.K.SubbaRao, KLU, Vijayawada, Dr.M.SuryaKalavathi, JNTUH, Hyderabad, Dr.C.H.SaiBaba, JNTUK, Kakinada, Dr.KVaisakh ,Andhra University, Visakapatnam.
28 th& 29 th July 2014 Formulation of Research & Development Initiatives for Engineering Faculty Dr. M.R. Pranesh
Former Director,NIT,Suratkal
Dr. Cyril Prasanna Raj
Dean, MS Engineering College, Banglore
Ms. M. Subha
Faculty, ESCI, Hyderabad
Dr. Kalpalatha Reddy
Dean (R&D), SHR E Engineering College, Chennai
Dr. Harish Kumar
Dr. Elangovan
Dr. ViswanadhaRaju
Professor & Head, CSE Department, JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad
23.8.2014 Soft Computing Techniques in Electrical Engineering Dr. M. Vinod Kumar, professor Department of EEE, NIT-Warangal
21.2.2015 Energy Conservation and Auditing Dr. S. Ravindra, Associate Professor JNTUK
Date of the Event Title of the Event Resource person
19th to 24th August, 2013. Recent Trends and Applications of Power Electronic Converters Mr.Ch.Sriprkash SE, VTPS
1st to 3rd Dec, 2013. Simulation of Power Systems using MATLAB
DrD.M.Vinod Kumar, Professor,
NIT Warangal
“Power System Simulation Tools-Mi Power Software” Dr. Harish Kumar
22.2.2014 Live Maintenance Techniques of High-Tension (HT) Lines Transmission System Mr. S. Anil Kumar Reddy Assistant Divisional Engineer (Hot Lines), AP Transco., Kadapa